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Musica Amata

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about academy

  We are a small, friendly and approachable community of professional musicians and students. For us the most important things are the personal musical development of each student, their satisfaction with their achievements in the subject and also we believe that it is essential for them to enjoy making music.

   For us music is not a battle field where students merely fight for diplomas and certificates, (although all of our students who chose to sit music exams achieve very high results) rather we hope to show students that music is another dimension, a beautiful world of sounds that each student is encouraged to discover in their own way. Hence, we widely apply interactive and alternative methods of teaching, in order to encourage creativity in students and to help them see music as a form of art (see projects). We cover a wide range of musical disciplines and services which can be found here.

  The atmosphere in our Academy is friendly because there is no favoritism since each student flourishes at their own pace and they are encouraged to compete with themselves rather than with each other. We believe this to be the best way for each student to succeed since they are all individuals which have different personalities, needs, desires and abilities. (See also Teaching Philosophy). Consequently when it does come to exams we do not favourite just one exam board, but instead we simply help students to chose the ones that would cater their individual needs best.



 '' I feel like I am learning while having lots of fun and enjoying myself''

Emma Browne (Student)


''I find the academy inspirational..''

William James (Student)


''You are very creative in the way you teach and really try to make music interesting for your pupils in many ways. I am very grateful for your inspired use of my music and for helping it to communicate with pupils!''

Graham Lynch (Composer)


'' My child is happy and is progressing academically''

Anabelle Ross (Parent)

home  lessons  projects  experience  videos  achievements  photos 

                                                 press release