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 Academia di Musica Amata Almanac


In February 2012 we started a new project - our annual Almanac. We have successfully carried this through 2014.  

 Our Almanac is like a magazine which contains various sections all dedicated to music and the Academy's dynamic life. The kids who are members of the Academy are encouraged to participate in different research tasks which were the components of this year's issue. Some of those included Composers anniversaries, interviews with local acclaimed musicians and interesting facts surrounding the history of some famous classical music masterpieces. There is also general guidance and information to local and world Piano competitions as well as information about the academy's achievements to date. Musica Amata's students are encouraged to take part in this project as it is a good experience of Musical Journalism and gives further insight to Classical music.

We now have issued three editions and hope to release many more in the future.

This year's contributors were: Dr. Antonina Lax, Eve Welch, Benedict Beards, Isabelle McCready, Wiebke Mackay-Engell, Graham Lynch and Christina Beards.

In the future we are hoping to release an issue every year and hope many other students and parents contribute to the Almanac



Sound Sketches 

 We have marked the beginning of 2013 with a completion of a very successful project. This was the recording and making musical clips of modern impressionistic music by Graham Lynch. His Sound Sketches were featured in the International Piano magazine and in the previous issue of our Almanac. We recorded selected Piano miniatures from the First and Third Albums and the clips can be watched on our YouTube Channel MusAmataKids or on our website Video Channel.

The images we have used have either been taken by the students or personally edited as to suit the

character of music performed. The students who took part in the project were Luca Taranu, Anna Whitehead, Tom Mackenney,  Isabelle McCready and Eve Welch alongside their teacher Dr. Antonina Lax.

The project was highly appreciated by Graham Lynch himself, who personally acclaimed our performances as the best made of his Sound Sketches albums.



home   about   lessons  our experience    videos     achievements  photos 

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