Musica Amata

Gregory Pullen - Cello

  Gregory Pullen began to study cello with Professor Vivian Joseph, Royal Academy of Music, at the age of 16. He went on to study with Dennis Nesbitt from whom he also leaned viola da gamba.

 He began his career as a composer, arranger and conductor in recording studios where he worked with many of London's leading ensembles. He worked for a time as a cellist with the orchestra of the English National Ballet but returned to conducting, becoming the Musical Director of the Vienna Festival Ballet at the age of 22.

 Throughout his career, he has continued to write and record a wide variety of music including three operas and an oratorio. His recorded film and television sound tracks for the BBC and independent companies have been used all over the world. He currently lives in northern England where he works as a teacher and composer, producing music for commercial clients.




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