Musica Amata


musica amata & friends

Musica Amata acknowledges that there are a great many amateur, semi professional and professional instrumentalists in the North East of England.

One of Musica Amata's long term aims is to bring these musicians together and involve like minded musicians in bringing out our mutual love of music to the public and local communities. There are a great many professionals in and outside of music who want to engage with their musical side on a semi-professional/ professional setting.

By bringing many instrumentalists together the opportunities to perform a more diverse repertoire becomes much more possible such as piano qunitetts, sonatas for multiple instruments, double piano works etc - works which are not often performed and neglected.  The realisation of the above aims is our Camerata.

Musica Amata has also worked together with other professions in a fund raising capacity to raise funds for good causes: most notably Antonina Lax performed along side Dr Michael Cave in aid of the British Heart Foundation at Elvet Methodist Church, Durham.

Musica Amata also has links further afield beyond the UK and we hope to invite international performs to the North East to perform along side us. This, we hope, will bring a varied programme of music to the North East of England and further afield.

musica amata & young people

Musica Amata as part of its long term projects in tandem with Musica Amata and Friends is to involve young people in music. We seek to provide younger generations of music makers opportunities to participate in various genres of music i.e. chamber music, soloist work, master classes.

Antonina Lax not only through school tuition on the piano passes on her expert knowledge but also in terms of a performer either as an accompanist and as an individual as part of a chamber music ensemble - either at two instrument sonata construction or as part of a larger ensemble. One of Antonina's specialist studies involved an in dept analysis and performance of the chamber music genre throughout her time at higher education institutions of music.  

Such experiences can prepare younger generations for life as an orchestral player, chamber ensemble player and as a soloist. Whilst distinct genres of instrumental playing all are connected by a variety of skills each style applies such skills in different ways and requires practice to enable a student to understand the theory behind the construction of the music. 

Nicholas Browne also has a wide experience and knowledge of performing in both orchestral/ chamber music/ soloist setting and combined with Antonina's wealth of experience can provide a formidable education to younger performers interested in gaining more experience. Musica Amata is also able to call on other skilled musicians and provide practical demonstrations of various forms of music and bring this to schools as well as the wider public.

Whilst opportunities to perform with other musicians in such surroundings are available they are not by any means common place. Such opportunities can prepare students for instrumental exams as well as performances to the wider public and with such a wide breadth of instrumental experience over many types of instrument (woodwind, brass, piano) a great many younger performers can benefit from concert/ master class experiences with Musica Amata.  From the work we did with young people over the years came the idea of setting up a long term project now known as Academia di Musica Amata.